Home lift with customised design

domestic lift in loft apartment

The ready-made lift concept of the Kalea C1 Futura offers you an exceptionally low top height and lift pit, which make it easy to install a domestic lift by Kalea lift in existing buildings, such as this loft apartment.

customised lift design

This elegant domestic lift installed in a loft apartment, has a glazed shaft and cabin to high-light the beautiful old brick wall behind it. The Kalea C1 Futura is a residential cabin lift with a timeless design, which is easy to customise to blend in the style and character of your home.


The Kalea C1 Futura is a machine room less, compact lift solution, which has a low pit and top height compared to conventional passenger lifts.

  • Gentle integration
  • Minimal refurbishment
  • Low construction costs


All lift solutions by Kalea are delivered in ready-made modules to ensure a fast delivery and a smooth and easy installation.

  • Fast track manufacturing & delivery
  • Installation in just 3-4 days
  • Reduced labour costs
Home lift in old apartment


The 2500 mm top height is the lowest on the market and fits under most ceilings.


The machinery fits inside the shaft, no need to build a separate machine room.


No need to dig out a deep lift pit, a shallow pit of 100 mm is enough.

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