a4 Cabina & A4 Cabina GL

private liftS

Kalea A4 Cabina and A4 Cabina GL offer you a unique lift concept, designed to provide you and your family with the ultimate comfort.

engineered for easy living

Private lifts Kalea A4 Cabina and A4 Cabina GL are screw-driven, ready-made cabin lifts.  This unique lift concept is designed for easy installation and comfortable living.


Your cabin lift is delivered in ready-made modules and include everything you need for installation. The Kalea A4 Cabina GL even includes a ready-made lift shaft.

The lift runs on standard household electricity. No electrical adaptation is necessary.

The integrated machine room and lift pit of only 70-100 mm, make our cabin lifts easy to fit into any space.

Thanks to our ready-made, low-impact concept lift installation is fast and easy.

designed for a site-built shaft

Private Lift Kalea A4 Cabina is designed to be fitted inside a site-built or existing lift shaft. This is a discreet lift solution which blends in with any interior.

delivered WITH a ready-made SHAFT

Private Lift Kalea A4 GL does not require you to build a shaft enclosure. The lift comes with a ready-made shaft in steel or glass, which saves time and money.

 kalea a4 cabina gl

private lift in glass

Kalea A4 Cabina GL is available with glass on 3 sides of the lift shaft and cabin for an elegant and ethereal look.

 Ce marked

Lifts by Kalea carry the CE mark and are certified by the notified body Liftinstituut B.V.


Kalea was founded in 1898. Our lifts are still engineered and manufactured in Sweden.

Safety compliant

Lifts by Kalea fulfill the requirements of all relevant European safety standards.


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