Domestic Lift In Luxurious Duplex Apartment
Kalea A4 Cabina S

domestic LIFT

Kalea A4 Cabina S is the perfect fusion of platform lift and cabin lift technology and a great option for your home.

Kalea A4 Cabina S domestic lift

the perfect mix

Kalea A4 Cabina S is a mix between a platform lift and a cabin lift. Consequently, this lift model is just as easy to install as a platform lift, but offers you the full comfort of an enclosed cabin.


Delivered in ready-made customizable modules, the Kalea A4 Cabina S helps you reduce installation time and construction costs.

Because lifts by Kalea run on standard electricity and all connections are plug & play, the electrical installation is super easy!

Thanks to its passenger cabin expanding 65% of the overall lift footprint, A4 Cabina S is a space-effficient home lift solution.

Thanks to our ready-made concept, lift installation is fast and easy. Even the lift shaft is delivered in ready-made modules.

ready-made shaft enclosure

In order to reduce installation time and construction costs, Kalea A4 Cabina S is delivered in ready-made elements, including a ready-made shaft enclosure.

Space-efficient domestic lift


The construction of Domestic Lift A4 Cabina S is very space-efficient. In fact, 65% of the total footprint is constituted by the passenger cabin!

 Ce marked

Lifts by Kalea carry the CE mark and are certified by the notified body Liftinstituut B.V.


Kalea was founded in 1898. Our lifts are still engineered and manufactured in Sweden.

Safety compliant

Lifts by Kalea fulfill the requirements of all relevant European safety standards.


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