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Our ready-made platform lifts offer you safe and comfortable transportation of passengers and goods, without the extensive building adaptation normally associated with lift installation.

  • Space-saving design
  • Fast delivery
  • Easy installation

Discover the Benefits of our Platform Lifts

The smart, ready-made concept of Kalea platform lifts is very space-efficient. In fact, up to 70% of the total footprint of the lift is passenger space. And, while most conventional elevators require a deep lift pit, substantial headroom on the top floor and a masonry shaft to be installed, Kalea platform lifts are delivered with a ready-made lift shaft made of steel or glass and require only minor building adaptations. Whether you are looking for a lift for a public space, or a lift for your business or your home, Kalea makes it easy to provide safe and comfortable access to every floor. Explore our platform lift solutions!

Let us Guide You to the Perfect Platform Lift Solution

Kalea offers you a wide range of high-quality platform lift solutions for public, commercial and residential buildings. Regardless of whether you need a lift for public accessibility or goods, or if you want to enhance the level of comfort of your home, we will help you find a lift adapted to your needs. Contact us today and let us guide you to the perfect lift solution for your project!

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Discover the Benefits of our Platform Lifts

Given that all lift solutions by Kalea are manufactured according to the same space-saving, ready-made concept they can be delivered and installed a lot faster than conventional elevators. In fact, while a conventional elevator may take many months to make and several weeks to build, a vertical platform lift by Kalea can be delivered in just 3-4 weeks and installed in as little as 2-3 days  Just as easy to integrate with existing as new buildings, our platform lifts are designed to elevate your everyday life on a minimal floor space and with minimal effort from your side.

Space-saving elevators
Ready-made lift and elevator solutions

Space-Saving Platform Lifts for Staircases

Given that our platform elevators are delivered in ready-made elements and require neither lift pit, top machinery, nor separate machine room, they will fit in almost any space. The centre of the staircase is often the perfect place to install a Kalea platform lift.

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Lift in a staircase
Kalea A4 Primo platform lift
Platform lift installation in staircase

Outdoor Platform Lifts

If you do not have enough room indoors or if you want to create a comfortable and direct access to your outside space, our outdoor lifts are a great option.

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Outdoor platform lifts
Outdoor platform lifts
Outdoor elevators

Lifts for Mezzanine Floors

Kalea offers you great platform lift solutions for your mezzanine floor. Select a gate for your top floor if you have limited headroom or if you just want to preserve the airiness of a large and open space.

Platform lift with a gate
Platform lift with a gate
Platform lift with a gate

Kalea Platform Elevators

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