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We want our lifts to make your life more convenient and one of our specialities is ready-made, space-saving home lifts with fast delivery and easy installation. Our staff and distributing partners are trained to advice and guide you towards the perfect lift solution for your home. Contact us today for a free quote!

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Just imagine the everyday luxury of reaching all the floors of your home by the simple push of a button. Kalea offers you space-efficient, high-quality home lifts that are customisable to fit your space, needs and budget. If you want to make a smart investment for your family and future, a residential lift is one of the best ways to add comfort and real estate value to your home. So why wait? Discover our wide range of domestic lifts today!

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Our staff and distributing partners are trained to make the process of buying a home lift as smooth and easy as possible for you. We will be there for you on every step of the way, from the early planning stages of your project, all the way through to installation and lift maintenance. Just reach out to us – we will be happy to guide you to the residential lift of your dreams!

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Why Buy a Residential Lift by Kalea?

All lifts by Kalea are manufactured according to the same space-saving, ready-made concept that makes it possible for our lifts to be delivered and installed a lot faster than conventional elevators. In fact, while a conventional elevator may take several months to make and several weeks to build, a domestic lift by Kalea can be delivered in just 3-4 weeks and installed in as little as 2-3 days.

Modular lift concept

Space-Saving Lifts

Low ceiling? Limited floor space? No patience? No problem! Our residential lifts come with a ready-made shaft and require neither lift pit, top machinery, nor separate machine room. This enables our lifts to fit almost anywhere in your home.

Reduced headroom
Kalea home lift in staircase
Cabin lift with low lift pit
Why buy a home lift

5 Good Reasons to Buy a Home Lift

There are many good reasons to buy a residential lift. Below we have shortlisted a few examples:

  1.  Adds an architectural feature to your home that is both useful and beautiful.
  2.  Helps you in everyday chores, such as doing the laundry, vacuum cleaning or moving furniture.
  3. Makes it easier for all generations of your family to meet and hang out at your place.
  4. Future proofs your home, by offering you the possibility to age in place in full comfort.
  5. Adds real estate value and makes your home more desirable to potential buyers.
Outdoor home lift
Outdoor home lift
Outdoor home elevator


If you do not find the perfect spot for a lift inside, or if you want to create a comfortable, direct access to your garden, our outdoor lifts are a great option for your home.



What is the Accent Colour of Your Home?

Most often a contrasting or complementary tone to the overall colour scheme, the accent colour adds a touch of drama and ties the room together. The accent colour of your home may very well be the perfect colour for your lift.

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Black domestic lift
White and blue cabin lift
Beige platform lift

Residential Elevators by Kalea

We offer a great choice of lift models and sizes for your home. All platform and cabin lifts by Kalea carry the CE mark and comply with European Safety Standards.

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