home lifts by kalea

Affordable, elegant and easy to install, a home lift by Kalea is a smart investment in your family and future.

why buy a home lift?

If you are dreaming about adding a bit of everyday luxury to your life, you should definitely consider getting a home lift. A residential lift will make everyday life a little easier and add comfort, beauty and real estate value to your home.

makes everyday life easy

A lift makes all the floors of your house accessible by the push of a button and helps you in your everyday chores. Simply put, a home lift makes everyday life a little easier.

Home lifts by Kalea

enhances the beauty of your home

A residential lift is a great architectural feature which will enchance the beauty of your home. You create your very own lift design to complement your interior.

hom elifts by Kalea

UNITES generations

A lift makes your home accessible to all the members of your family. It transforms your home into a place where different generations can meet and hang out together.

Home lifts by Kalea

adds value to your home

Your lift will will future-proof your home for your golden years and increase the real estate value of your property. In all respects, a domestic lift is a smart investment.

why choose a home lift by kalea?

Kalea Home Lifts integrate seamlessly in your home, without the extensive building work associated with conventional lifts. Our lifts adapt to your home, not the other way around.

Seamless integration

Kalea home lifts are machine room less, compact accessibility solutions, which have a low pit and top height compared to conventional lifts.

  • Minimal structural impact
  • Minimal refurbishment
  • Low construction costs

Modular lift concept


All lift solutions by Kalea are delivered in ready-made modules to ensure a fast delivery and a smooth and easy installation.

  • Fast track manufacturing & delivery
  • Installation in just a few days
  • Reduced labour costs

Reduced headroom

minimal headroom

Platform homelift with small footprint

reduced footprint

Cabin lift with low lift pit

low lift pit

MRL lift

machine room less

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The elegant and futuristic design of the Kalea Kosmos X60 blends in perfectly with your home.



We offer a great choice of lift models and sizes for your home. Kalea home lifts carry the CE mark and comply with European Safety Standards.

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