Goods Lifts

Space-efficient, robust and reliable, our  cargo lifts have a lifting capacity of up to 1000 kg and are certified for both goods and passenger transport. That makes our goods elevators an excellent choice for all kinds of public and commercial buildings, such as schools, museums, libraries, restaurants, warehouses and clinics.

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Are you looking for a large and powerful goods lift but do not want to sacrifice a lot of space and time to install it? Then you have come to the right place! Our platform lifts for goods and merchandise are more space-efficient and easier to install than conventional elevators with the same capacity. In fact, close to 70% of the total footprint of our lifts is dedicated to the lifting platform. And, given that our goods lifts are machine room less and require only a low pit and minimal headroom, you save a lot of space. In addition, our goods lifts are delivered in ready-made elements, including the lift shaft, which speeds up delivery and lift installation and avoids a lot of construction work.

Cargo lifts by Kalea compared to other cargo lifts
Ready-made cargo elevators
Goods lift with attendant

Goods Lifts with Attendant

Our cargo elevators are certified for both goods and passenger transport, a.k.a. goods lifts with attendant, a very practical and versatile solution for public and commercial buildings.

Thanks to the rated load of up to 1000 kg and the large platform and doors, our goods lifts are just as perfect for warehouses and commercial buildings, as for clinics and care homes.

Discover the Kalea A4 Mille

Stretcher lift with attendant

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Lifts with a Load Capacity of 1000 kg

Our goods elevators are large and powerful enough to transport all kinds of heavy and bulky goods and merchandise. Large goods pallets, hand pallets jacks, bikes or even motorcycles – nothing is a problem for our goods lifts!

Lift for pallet jacks
A4 Mille cargo lift
Goods elevators

Bespoke Goods Lift

This Kalea A4 Mille goods lift is used by the staff every day to transport merchandise, dishes and cleaning equipment. The lift has a bespoke paint finish that makes it blend in perfectly with the dark wood panels and interior décor of the pub and restaurant John Scott’s in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Discover Kalea A4 Mille

Lift solutions for restaurants and pubs
Merchandise lift for a pub
Cargo elevator for a pub

Goods Elevators by Kalea

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