The EcoSilent drive system was inspired by the serenity of the green and quiet forests of Sweden and has revolutionised our lifts from the inside out.


EcoSilent Drive System – Inspired by Nature

The EcoSilent drive system was inspired by the beauty and serenity of the Swedish landscapes. It is the optimised version of our robust and reliable screw-driven system that makes our lifts more quiet, energy-efficient and comfortable than ever before.

Kalea EcoSilent drive system

Energy Label A

Lifts equipped with the EcoSilent drive system are allowed to carry Energy Label A. Download our Energy Efficiency Certificate here.

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Kalea Kosmos with the EcoSilent drive system

Complete Peace of Mind

The EcoSilent drive system is the best way to ensure that your Kalea platform lift is both quiet and energy-efficient. Learn more about the benefits of our unique drive system and discover a new kind of peace of mind.


EcoSilent Lifts by Kalea

All Kalea 300-500 kg platform lifts can be equipped with our optimised, screw-driven system. Standard for the Kalea Kosmos, Kalea EcoSilent is optional for the Kalea A4 Primo and the Kalea A4 Mini.


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What is the Secret Behind EcoSilent?

Simply put, the EcoSilent drive system is the optimised version of Kalea’s screw-driven system. Our engineers have found new, innovative ways to reduce friction and energy waste down to a minimum. Discover the key components that make our unique drive system so quiet and energy-efficient.

Drive unit Kalea EcoSilent
Higher screw pitch for Kalea EcoSilent
Unique roller guide shoes
Sound insulated EcoSilent box

drive unit

To ensure a quiet and energy-efficient operation, the drive unit has a special engine, as well as adapted transmission and brakes.

lifting screw

The lifting screw has a 3 x times higher pitch and even screw joints for smooth, comfortable and virtually soundless travel.

roller guide shoes

Unique roller guide shoes act as interface between the guides and the platform. The roller guide shoes reduce friction by 90%.

sound insulation

The drive unit is enclosed in an elegant, soundproof metal casing, designed to reduce noise and cover the drive unit.

Sustainable lifestyle

Looking for a More Sustainable Lifestyle?

Do you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle and want to make sure that the products you buy have minimal iimpact on the environment? Then, getting our optimised drive system for your lift is a great first step, but there are so many more things you can do, and most of them are very simple!

  1. Rethink your energy consumption – The simplest acts make a world of difference.
  2. Shop responsibly – Make your personal style more unique.
  3. Save water – Adopt great habits without even thinking about it.

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