Kalea Lifts is based in Gothenburg

This is kalea

The story of Kalea Lifts began in Sweden, more than a century ago. Today, we are one of the oldest lift brands in the world and we are stronger than ever.

Who We Are and What We Offer

Our business idea is to provide smart and space-saving lift solutions to improve your everyday comfort, which is expressed in our vision Elevating Everyday Life. At Kalea Lifts, we care, we are competent and we want to make your life more convenient. Kalea Lifts provides space-saving, modular lift solutions which are designed and manufactured in our factory in Sweden. Our ready-made lifts save you a lot of time and money, compared to conventional lifts, because they are much faster and easier to install and require only minor building adaptations. 

Domestic lift by Kalea Lifts

domestic lift

Platform lifts by Kalea Lifts

platform lift

Home lift with aluminium door by Kalea Lifts

home lift

Cabin lift in site-built shaft by Kalea Lifts

cabin lift

The Kalea story

The story of Kalea Lifts began in 1898 in Gothenburg, when engineer Knut Anders Larsson founded a small electrical company with a name based on his initials; Knut Anders Larssons Elektriska Aktiebolag, KALEA.

Back then, Kalea was a company providing electric installation and lifting devices to the Gothenburg harbor and various industrial companies, but started importing and selling lifts in 1921.

In the 1930’s Kalea started to manufacture customised traction lifts and soon became one of the major lift manufacturers in Sweden, also exporting lifts to neighbouring Scandinavian countries.

Kalea continued to make customised traction lifts into the 1990’s, when company activities shifted towards platform lifts and accessibility solutions. In 2008, Kalea Lifts became part of Cibes Lift Group, a world-leading manufacturer of space-saving modular lifts.

This is Kalea today

Today Kalea has offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm in Sweden, as well as several showrooms across South East Asia and a worldwide network of distributing partners. Our lifts are designed and manufactured in the Cibes Lift Group facilities in Gävle, in the North of Sweden.

Kalea is one of the oldest still existing lift brands in the world and more than 120 years after the company was founded, our brand is stronger than ever!


  • High-quality lifts manufactured in Sweden
  • Fast delivery and installation
  • Strong local customer support
Old lift by Kalea Lifts

Elevating Everyday Life

Space-saving cabin lifts

kalea cabin lifts

Cabin lifts by Kalea are machine room less, compact lift solutions, which have a low pit and top height compared to conventional lifts.

  • Top height 2500 mm, pit 100 mm
  • Machine room less lifts
  • Minimal building adaptation

Space-saving platform lifts

kalea platform lifts

Our platform lifts are machine room less, space-saving lift solutions, which have a low pit and top height compared to conventional lifts.

  • Top height 2250 mm, pit 0/50/130 mm
  • Machine room less lifts
  • Minimal structural impact


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